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Contracts made through Adverts - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1571 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Advertising Essay Type Analytical essay Topics: Contract Law Essay Did you like this example? Lefkowitz v. Great Minneapolis Surplus Store, Inc. 86 N.W.2d 689 (Minn. 1957). Facts The case Lefkowitz versus the Great Minneapolis Surplus store addresses the common misconception of offers and contracts that can appear in advertising. Lefkowitz, the plaintiff, noticed an advertisement in a local store that offered the sale of fur coats that were valued at one hundred dollars. The discounted price, which was a dollar, was stated in the advertisement along with the statement of first come first serve. The advertisement was located in eth newspaper on April 6, 1956. About a week later, the Great Minneapolis Surplus Store advertised the same deal again in the same newspaper, but with the sale of pastel scarves along with a mink stole. The plaintiff Lefkowitz did as the advertisement instructed on both occasions and was the first individual that could have been served and received the discounted items for a dollar. During both occasions, the defendant refused to honor the advertisements that were located in the paper and thus refused to sell the offered merchandise to the plaintiff. During trial, the defendant chose to stand firmly on the case of Craft vs. Elder and Johnston Company as well as Johnson vs. Capital City Ford. Johnson vs. Capital City Ford addresses the advertisements relating to the purchase and sale of automobiles in which acceptance of a proposed offer may in fact constitute a contract which can be legally enforced. This case, just as in Lefkowitz vs. the Great Minneapolis Surplus Store questions the formalities of offers that can be contained in advertisements. Clear advertisements that leave no room for negotiation thereby allowing the formulation of a contract that comes in effect once accepted. It was stated during the case that the origin of an advertisement must be determined in order to conclude whether it can be classified as a simple invitation or an offer. At the trial of Lefkowitz vs. The Great Minneapol is Surplus Store, it was ultimately determined that due to characteristics of the advertisements the plaintiff was entitled to the fulfillment of the offer. The advertisement from the surplus store was clear and explicit all while leaving nothing open for negotiation. The court in conclusion held that Lefkowitz was entitled to the performance mentioned by the defendant because he served in full compliance with the terms of the advertisement as well as offering the purchase price stated. Damages were awarded to the plaintiff that were equal to the value stated in the advertisement. Issue The issue of the case lies in whether or not the advertisement published by the Great Minneapolis Surplus Store issued and denied an advertisement or an offer. Offers can be held under contractual obligations which would require one who issued and dishonor the promise to be held legally liable. The issue of the case also causes for the defendant to prove that the advertisement held some type of negotiable factors that would allow it to not be considered a contract. In summation the issue of the case lies in the various circumstances that constitutes an advertisement as an offer. Decision Ruling for the appeal was affirmed on the basis of the offer leaving no room for negotiation as it was clear, explicit and definite. The court decided that a newspaper advertisement could be considered an offer due to certain circumstances especially when the actions needed in order for a consumer to accept the offer are clear. Section II The ruling of affirmed in the case of Lefkowitz vs. The Great Minneapolis Surplus Store was accurate in that it expressed the formalities of a contract, the true nature of an advertisement the characteristics of an invitation. The formalities of a contract consist of a multitude of entities that enable such an agreement to be legally enforceable in court. Contracts must be formed by two parties or more allowing for a promise to be enacted and fulfilled (Halbert Ingulli, 2012). If a contractual promise is not fulfilled by the individual that made the promise, the party can therefore be subject to sanctions of a court (Miller Jentz, 2010). In attempting to determine in the case of Lefkowitz vs. The Great Minneapolis Surplus Store, whether or not a contract has been formed, one must determine the element of intent of the contract. This results in concluding that the contract was judged by facts which were considered objective as interpreted by a person considered reasonable. The offer made by the Great Minneapolis Surplus Store contains all the requirements necessary for a valid contract which are agreement, consideration, contractual capacity and legality. The advertisements made in the case both contained agreements that held offers and acceptance. The offers made on both occasions contained goods that were offered at a discount rate and accepted by the plaintiff. Consideration, which is also a key component of a contr act, was contained in the advertisement. Fur coats along with a mink stole and mink scarves were promised to convince the consumer (plaintiff Lefkowitz) to make a deal. Next, in discussing formalities of contracts, one must address contractual capacity. This simply addresses the competence of both parties which was apparent between the plaintiff and defendant in question. Finally, a contract must have the goal of accomplishing something legal. The advertisements made by the Great Minneapolis Surplus Store was not formed with legal intention however they do fall under the contractual category of adhesion. Adhesion contracts are written by one party, which is usually a seller and presented to another adhering party, the consumer, on a non-negotiable basis. This is what enabled the defendant to be held liable for not honoring the contract. Secondly, the ruling of affirmed in the case of Lefkowitz vs. The Great Minneapolis Surplus Store was accurate due to it revealing the true natur e of an advertisement. Advertisements are generally meant for the public and structured as an invitation to accept an offer and not the offer itself (Miller Jentz, 2010). This is due to the lack of legal implications and intentions that advertisements usually contain. A noted exception to this is when advertisements have the potential to be construed as offers which occurs where definite terms are presented that invited acceptance, for example, an advertisement offering a reward for a lost pet if found (Cornel University Law School: Legal Information Institute, 1992). The advertisement made by the Great Minneapolis Surplus Store contained definite terms such as the price and arrival time in order for a consumer to be able to participate in the sale. Price lists, which are also considered as a form of advertising, are used by companies to negotiate trade. Price lists are often taken as advertisements due to the list not being the final offer for sale of the product but more so an in vitation to proposed buyers. These lists usually contain a clause at the bottom that states, à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“prices are subject to changeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  due to the many discretions of the seller. Neither of the advertisements distributed by the Surplus Store held such jargon as to insinuate negotiable factors of the advertisementà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s thus resulting in the store being held liable. Finally, The ruling of affirmed in the case of Lefkowitz vs. The Great Minneapolis Surplus Store was accurate in that it expressed the characteristics of an invitation. Characteristics of an invitation and that of the advertisement from the surplus store were compared in an effort to categorize the Surplus storeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s selling methods (Miller Jentz, 2010). Invitations in advertisements are usually imitated to the buyer in an effort to propose a deal (Blum, 2007). Contracts are initially à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“the dealà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  thus preventing the need to invite a buyer based on specific terms. An advertisement can and will be considered an offer when it promises something in an obvious exchange for a clear, definite action which ultimately leaves nothing open for negotiation. Otherwise, an advertisement is simply an invitation made for a proposed offer. The case Lefkowitz versus the Great Minneapolis Surplus store addresses the common misconception of offers and contracts that can appear in advertising. Lefkowitz, the plaintiff, noticed an advertisement in a local store that offered the sale of fur coats that were valued at one hundred dollars. The discounted price, which was a dollar, was stated in the advertisement along with the statement of first come first serve. The advertisement was located in eth newspaper on April 6, 1956. About a week later, the Great Minneapolis Surplus Store advertised the same deal again in the same newspaper, but with the sale of pastel scarves along with a mink stole. The plaintiff Lefkowitz did as the advertisement inst ructed on both occasions and was the first individual that could have been served and received the discounted items for a dollar. During both occasions, the defendant refused to honor the advertisements that were located in the paper and thus refused to sell the offered merchandise to the plaintiff. Ruling for the case was fair in that the advertisements presented by the company were structured as contract. References Blum, B. A. (2007). Contracts: Examples explanations. New York: Aspen Publishers. Cornel University Law School: Legal Information Institute. (1992). Definition for purposes of section 5 of the Act, of à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“saleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ , à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“offerà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ , à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“offer to sellà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ , and à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“offer for saleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ . 17 CFR 230.133. Retrieved from on 4/5/2014 Halbert, T., Ingulli, E. (2012). Law ethics in the business environment (7th ed.). Mason, OH: So uth-Western Cengage Learning. Miller, R., Jentz, G. (2010). Fundamentals of Business Law. Summarized Cases. 8th Ed. Mason: Cengage Learning. Don’t waste time! 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Essay on Tourism - Curse or Blessing - 1807 Words

Tourism Resource Development Individual Assignment Tourism – A Curse or a Blessing? Tourism – Blessing or Curse? Introduction Tourism is one of the most influential and powerful industrial service sectors in the global economy. With a current contribution of 6-7% of the overall number of jobs worldwide and an annual receipt of around 1,030 billion US Dollars in 2012 (UNWTO, 2012), tourism proves itself as a strong and solid industry. Furthermore, tourism ranks fourth as an export category behind fuel, chemicals and food indicating the power of a service-based industry in the global market (UNWTO, 2012). Nevertheless, tourism is also dealing with its negative impacts on different destinations such as the great†¦show more content†¦Especially in developing countries, the problem of child sex tourism occurs (Verheijen, 2012). With a tourism growth rate of 8% in South-East Asia (UNWTO, 2012), tourism seems to proves itself as a stable and profitable economic sector in these regions. Hence, it is evaluated as a profitable possibility to generate income rapidly. Mainly girls are forced to ‘workâ₠¬â„¢ in prostitution by relatives, due to the poor economic situation in their home countries (Verheijen, 2012) and the hope to make a ‘fast buck’. Thereby, it is possible to state that tourism stimulates child sex tourism in particular regions. Nevertheless, tourism also has the power/influence to fight against the abovementioned developments. It can be outline that tourism is a product which runs through several stages of consumption and thereby, creates many contact points of professionals and consumers which could be used in order to educate and raise awareness about sustainable travelling (see appendix, Figure 2: Contact Points of Consumers with Professionals) (Verheijen, 2012). Especially in the case of child sex tourism, Verheijen (2012) states that tourist have the ability to report suspicious behaviour because they are at the face of happenings. There are many possibilities to report back to such as different travel organisations and the ECPAT (â€Å"End Child Prostitution, child pornography And the Trafficking of childrenShow MoreRelatedTourism; a Blessing or Curse1922 Words   |  8 PagesIs tourism a blessing or a curse? Tourism is defined by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as ‘a social, cultural and economic phenomenon which entails the movement of people to countries or places outside their usual environment for personal or business/professional purposes’ (UNWTO, 2014). It furthermore defines the people taking part in these actions as visitors either tourists or excursionists. Moreover, tourism exhibits the activities visitors experience (UNWTO, 2014). Increasing essentiallyRead MoreEffects Of Mass Tourism960 Words   |  4 PagesMass tourism always has a positive impact on a country or region Introduction Mass tourism has become more popular than ever because of ease of access to destinations and transportation with the ever-growing influence of social media. Although in a traditional sense, mass tourism itself is not an ideal industry, but it can have varying impacts on a country or region. It can help its environment, highlight its culture and boost its economy. Although it can also have negative outcomes if the countryRead MoreThe Taliban Of The Swat Valley1092 Words   |  5 Pageslife. For most people, it would be a dream to live surrounded by mountains and clear blue lakes, except if a terrorist group ruled the area. The Swat Valley, located in Pakistan, was reclaimed for its beauty, as it was situated near mountains. Tourism was one of the Swat Valley’s largest industries, until the area was seized by the Taliban. The Taliban used guns and bombs to terrorize the citizens of the Swat Valley, so citizens would succumb to their way of life. This affected people’s jobs, educationRead MoreThe Impact Of Cuba On The Country Of The Rich Land And Water Resources And The Welcoming Population Essay2271 Words   |  10 PagesCuba Has An Ambitious Plan To Protect Its Environment From Tourists. The Huffington Post). Tourists have also expressed needs and wants of a clean environment and tourism products that involve heritage, history and culture. Businesses are now focusing on sustainable based services and resources for those incoming tourists. Tourism product s of today are being developed to match with the environment- both natural and constructed. Better stated in this quote from Moss Cass, â€Å"We do not inherit theRead MoreZimbabwe, the home of Great Zimbabwe and the Victoria Falls Essay846 Words   |  4 Pagesis completed, will be able to generate 50 megawatts of electricity which could light up the whole of the Masvingo province. The dam is expected to bring a boost in tourism, and it could be an even bigger success than Kariba, so a park is being planned to add further value. Not only is this dam going to help with electricity and tourism, but also employment. After Tokwe Mukosi’s completion, a hotel is to be built and this could open up about seven hundred much needed jobs for the local residents. AllRead MoreA Brief Note On The South West Coast Of India2072 Words   |  9 Pagesvarious cultures will be always on demand. This implies the very true fact where the possibility for the tourism has wider potential and can be utilized to benefit the country and its economy too. Backwater tourism in Kerala is benefited by plenty of hard currencies coming through the foreign tourists. There are other major factors that government of Kerala is keener in promoting the tourism. The state government project few of these issues such as to eliminate poverty, to resolve the unemploymentRead MoreStrong or Weak Currency for South Africa?2655 Words   |  11 Pagesdollar, also characterised with a relatively weak economy and a strengthening currency finds itself in a unique position. For South Africa the debate seesaws between those who seek action to tame the rand and those who see the strong currency as a blessing. A strong currency yields higher economic growth and lower inflation as well as attract skills (Hart, 2011). On the other hand labour unions fear a too powerful South African Rand could deter efforts to drive down the country`s 25 % unemploymentRead MoreHistory, Laws, And Health Impacts On Marriages And Divorce1687 Words   |  7 Pagesbecomes a citize n they can also apply citizenship for their family members. This practice is very popular among third world counties extremely popular in Asia and Europe. In many Asian counties a lot of young attractive girls will go hangout in popular tourism areas in hopes to find a foreign traveler. The girls will work in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas, and hotels to gain a better chance to meet their prince charming. In Europe, a lot of girls from small towns are desperate to leave their home toRead MoreThe Industrial Revolution Of The 18th And 19th Centuries Essay1941 Words   |  8 PagesToday, technology in uences almost every facet of our lives. In fact, it is hard to think of many areas that have not been in uenced and changed, to one degree or another, because of the Technological Revolution. Medicine, transportation, travel, tourism, communication, education, research, housing, energy, distribution, retail, publishing, translation, engineering, entertainment and sports are just a few of the nearly limitless areas of life that have changed because of technology. It seems thatRead MoreCanada ´s Oil Sands Essay1875 Words   |  8 Pages Introduction The statement ‘Canada oil sands are much more of a blessing rather than a curse’ is not true because the disadvantages of oil sands outweigh the advantages. For this reason, this paper aims at indicating points against the statement. To understand the defects of oil sand exploration in Canada, one has to delve into the explanation of what oil sands are as well as how the entire process of mining and refining and thereafter, determine the disadvantages based on socioeconomic factors

Internationalization form Free Essays

In characterizing the different international business forms available, Bartlett and Ghoshal (1989) have made a distinction between global, international, transnational and multinational organizations. Wax’s organizational structure can be described as an integrated network structure, with resources, decisions, and responsibilities being dispersed and specialized, but interdependent. Each of the different local units makes differentiated contributions to Wax’s worldwide operations, and its strategic advantage derives from the ability to achieve worldwide competitiveness, local responsiveness, and global innovation simultaneously. We will write a custom essay sample on Internationalization form or any similar topic only for you Order Now As such, it can be typified as a transnational (Bartlett and Goshal, 1989). Pelmutter has made a distinction between ethnocentric, polycentric, heterarchical, and geocentric organizations (Hedlund, 1986, p. 9-35). Using Pelmutter’s typology, Wax’s organizational structure can be described as a heterarchy (or network) (as opposed to a mother/daughter, divisional, or matrix structure), with the role of its various subsidiaries being to make local contributions to the firm’s local as well as global strategies. Its strategic advantage can be described as deriving from the flexibility in the worldwide market that its structure affords. As such, using Pelmutter’s classification, the form of decentralization at Wax can be described as heterachical rather than ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric (Hedlund, 1986, p. 9-35). References: Hedlund, G. 1986. â€Å"The hypermodern MNC – A heterarchy? † Human Resource Management, Vol. 25 1986, No. 1, pp. 9–35. Bartlett, C. A. and Ghoshal, S. 1989. Managing across borders: The transnational solution. Boston. Q. 2: Explicate how a management accounting system could enable the Salvation Army to respond to the la? cit? requirements. Specify how resource allocation could be accounted for: Cost control is a central component of management accounting. Using techniques such as lifecycle costing and activity-based costing, the Salvation Army will be able to â€Å"identify, measure, analyze, accumulate, prepare, interpret, and communicate† the proper costs relating to key activities such as social work and evangelism (CIMA, 2009). In this regard, the management accounting system will help to provide a proper perspective on costs, thus helping to rein in costs and improve cost transparency. This will help the organization to meet its goals more appropriately (for example, getting a proper handle on costs would help it reach more people with soup, soap and salvation), while enhancing transparency and accountability in the way it uses its resources (Lucey, 2003). The establishment of an effective management accounting system (underpinned by a modern management information system) will yield a more accurate and precise platform for the â€Å"identification, measurement, analysis, accumulation, preparation, interpretation, and communication† of information (CIMA, 2009). This in turn will aid and drastically help improve the operational and financial performance of the organization, given that both operational and financial decisions will be made on the basis of such information. Given that management accounting is forward-looking, it will facilitate forecasting and planning (Lucey, 2003). Such a management accounting system will help to identify risks that may hinder the organization from meeting its goals (for example, a likelihood of reduced donor funds), and towards this end, will facilitate the implementation of risk management strategies to avert the risks and help the Salvation Army meet its objectives (Lucey, 2003). Resource allocation must ensure a balance between the organization’s social and spiritual goals. Towards this end, a proper determination of the resources required by each of these two departments must be made, priorities ranked, and matched to the resources available. Qualified accountants must be given the independence and authority to draw the organization’s financial statements, which must be audited by external and independent auditors such as those from the Ministry of Social Services (given that the Salvation Army is also a charity) (Chadwick, 1993). References: Chadwick, L. 1993. Management accounting. Routledge. ISBN 0415070848, 9780415070843 Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). 2009. Official terminology. Lucey, T. 2003. Management accounting. Continuum. ISBN 0826463606, 9780826463609. How to cite Internationalization form, Papers

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Multiple Sclerosis Essays (3951 words) - Medicine, Immunology

Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, often disabling disease that randomly attacks the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). The progress, severity and specific symptoms of the disease can not be predicted; symptoms may range from tingling and numbness to paralysis and blindness. MS is a devastating disease because people live with its unpredictable physical and emotional effects for the rest of their lives. MS is a well-known disease, but poorly understood. In the United States there are approximately 200 new cases diagnosed each week; MS is a common disease and not always caused by genetics. Therefore, I feel we all need to have a better understanding of this disease that has no cure yet. I hope to make MS more understanding in my paper. In my paper I will explain what MS is, who gets MS, what MS has to do with the metabolism, some new techniques being used to pinpoint genetic factors, what some of the symptoms of MS is, and some treatments for MS. Multiple Sclerosis Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive disabling illness that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord (Bernard). Under normal conditions these nerve cells are surrounded by an insulating sheath made of fatty "myelin," which speeds the passage of nerve impulses. In MS, this myelin sheath is inflamed or damaged, disrupting nerve impulses and leaving areas of scarring (sclerosis). The disruption of nerve signals within the brain and spinal cord causes a variety of symptoms that may affect vision, sensation, and body movements. "These symptoms usually wax and wane through a series of relapses (episodes when symptoms suddenly get worse) alternating with remissions (periods of recovery, when symptoms improve)." (Brunnscheiler) For many patients, a long history of MS attacks over several decades leads to slowly progressing disability, but for others the disability is more rapid and severe. MS is a life-long chronic disease diagnosed primarily in young adults who have a virtually normal life expectancy. Consequently, the economic, social, and medical costs associated with the disease are significant. Estimates place the annual costs of MS in the United States in excess of $2.5 billion. (Melvin) No one knows exactly how many people have MS. It is believed that, currently, there are approximately 250,000 to 350,000 people in the United States with MS diagnosed by a physician. (Boyden) This estimate suggests that approximately 200 new cases are diagnosed each week. Also, MS is the most common nerve disease to develop in young persons after birth, and it affects over 1 million young adults worldwide. "Close relatives of a person with MS are 8 times more likely than average to develop the disease themselves, and children of a person with MS run 30 to 50 times the average risk." (Waxman) Most people experience their first symptoms of MS between the ages of 20 and 40, but a diagnosis is often delayed. This is due to both the transitory nature of the disease and the lack of a specific diagnostic test--specific symptoms and changes in the brain must develop before the diagnosis is confirmed. (Health Central) Although scientists have documented cases of MS in young children and elderly adults, symptoms rarely begin before age 15 or after age 60. Whites are more than twice as likely as other races to develop MS. In general, women are affected at almost twice the rate of men; however, among patients who develop the symptoms of MS at a later age, the gender ratio is more balanced. (Waxman) To understand what is happening when a person has MS, it is first necessary to know a little about how the healthy immune system works. The immune system -- a complex network of specialized cells and organs -- defends the body against attacks by "foreign" invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. It does this by seeking out and destroying the interlopers as they enter the body. Substances capable of triggering an immune response are called antigens. (Hofmann) "The immune system displays both enormous diversity and extraordinary specificity." (Hofmann) It can recognize millions of distinctive foreign molecules and produce its own molecules and cells to match up with and counteract each of them. In order to have room for enough cells to match the millions of possible foreign invaders, the immune system stores just a few cells for each specific antigen. When an antigen appears, those few specifically matched cells are stimulated to multiply into a full-scale army. Later, to prevent this army from overexpanding, powerful mechanisms to suppress the immune response come into play. T-cells,

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Assessing Reliability and Credibility of Cam Essay Example

Assessing Reliability and Credibility of Cam Essay Example Assessing Reliability and Credibility of Cam Essay Assessing Reliability and Credibility of Cam Essay Research is an important part of finding the appropriate CAM therapy that will help the patient’s symptoms. The information that is obtained during research could be full of opinions and not facts. Since we want factual information instead of opinions it is important that we are sure the information we are looking at is a reliable and credible source. Criteria for Reliability and Credibility  CAM therapies are being used more today than in years past. The use of CAM has become helpful for many patients to elevate symptoms of their ailment. When studying which CAM therapy is right for the symptoms that are presented we need to be sure that the source of information is reliable and credible. There are several things we can ask ourselves to ensure the information we are using is reliable and credible. These criteria should be considered: 1)Does the source provide (Harris, Robert, June 15, 2007): a.Author’s name b.Author’s title and position c.Author’s organizational affiliation d.Date of the document 2)The documentation provides the information we are looking for (Harris, Robert. June 15, 2007): a.Facts b.Opinions c.Arguments d.Statistics e.Narratives f.Descriptions 3)Has there been cited information within the document that we are reviewing (Montecino, Virginia, August 1998). 4)What type of website is the information provided on (Montecino, Virginia, August 1998): a.A personal page b.Special interest site c.Professional site d.News or journalistic site e.Commercial site 5)Does the website contain information that is (Harris, Robert, June 15, 2007): a.Fair b.Objective c.Quality information d.Lacking hidden motives Website for Review The website that I am going to use for review is a website regarding fish oil: The website homepage is from The homepage offers information on herbs, supplements, conditions, drug interactions, homeopathy, and it has a medical library that you can look up all kinds of information. Consumer’s Attitudes and Beliefs about CAM Consumers are skeptical of using CAM therapies to heal the symptoms that are present or to help prevent symptoms of different diseases from appearing in their health. For some consumer’s their religious beliefs or beliefs they have been raised with do not support the use of CAM therapies. Cases where a consumer’s beliefs do not support the use of CAM the consumer would not even consider the possibility of using CAM therapies. Consumers have set opinions and attitudes about different things within their lives. For some they hold these opinions and attitudes to a stern heart and cannot be persuaded to change for any reason. Consumer’s that are set in their opinion and attitude often will not even consider change even with facts in front of them that the change can be a good change. Conclusion about Website For the purpose of this paper I have focused my research on fish oil. The webpage on fish oil has been reviewed by EBSCO CAM Medical Review Board in April 2009. The author of the source is not revealed; with the webpage being reviewed by the EBSCO CAM Medical Review Board it can be considered a reliable and credible source. If the information provided on this webpage is  not correct information the Medical Review Board would not support the information. According to the website the page was last updated April 1, 2009, therefore the information is a year old and not extremely outdated. The webpage provides factual information and discusses studies that have been done on fish oil. The beginning of the webpage gives alternative names for fish oil, which can be helpful to the consumer when being sure they are not allergic to another name of fish oil. The webpage has 271 references where the information has been gathered for the purpose of this webpage. Throughout the webpage it allows the person reviewing the information to click on different terms for a further explanation of the term that has been used. The webpage allows the researcher to see and click on different proposed uses of fish oil to review. The information on other proposed uses is useful when looking at other possible symptoms of diseases that the consumer may have, in some cases the use of fish oil could help the consumer with more than one ailment. Through the review of this webpage I would consider it a reliable and credible source of information. Increase Credibility The website I have reviewed on fish oil seems to be a credible website. The information is full of factual information along with studies that have been conducted regarding the use of fish oil. The website even has a disclaimer regarding the use of fish oil, which many websites that discuss different CAM treatments does not include. The website could contain testimonials from consumers that have already used fish oil for the different aliments it helps. The testimonials could give consumers first hand information from consumers that have already used fish oil for the symptoms that the consumer doing the research is trying to elevate. I do not know of any other way that the site could increase the credibility any more than it already has contained within the website. Conclusion CAM can help consumer’s improve symptoms they may be experiencing and in some cases help to prevent a disease by the use of different CAM therapies. Consumer’s read information about different CAM therapies but the consumer needs to be sure that the information they are reading is from a reliable and credible source. Information obtained on the internet can be placed on the internet and contain nothing but opinions. Ensuring that the information is factual and reliable is something a consumer should consider before using any type of CAM therapy. Following the criteria discussed within this paper can help consumers be sure that the information they have found and are considering is credible and reliable, and most of all information that can be used when making decisions on their health. References Harris, Robert. (June 15, 2007). Evaluating Internet Research Sources. Retrieved April 24, 2010 from: (2010). Fish Oil. Retrieved April 25, 2010 from: Montecino, Virginia. (August 1998). Criteria to Evaluate the Credibility of WWW Resources. Retrieved April 25, 2010 from:

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The Definition of a College Super Senior

The Definition of a College Super Senior The term super senior refers to a student who attends a four-year institution (either high school or college) for more than four years. Such students are sometimes called fifth-year seniors, as well.   The name stems from the fact that high school and college students typically take four years to get their diplomas. Each year of school has its own name: Your first year is your freshman year, your second year is your sophomore year, your third year is your junior year and your fourth year is your senior year. But theres another category of student that doesnt fit those labels: People who arent done with college after their senior year.   Enter the term super senior. Perhaps because its becoming increasingly common for students to take 5 (or more) years to finish college, the term super senior is becoming increasingly common as well. Who Qualifies as a Super Senior? The connotations of super senior vary a bit and depend on an individual students situation. Calling someone who is double majoring in chemistry and biology and then planning on going to medical school a super senior merely acknowledges they are in their fifth year. In contrast, calling someone a super senior because theyve failed multiple classes  and perhaps enjoy the party scene rather than work to finish in four years is, indeed, a bit of a put down. There can be legitimate reasons why people take more than four years to finish college. Classes, particularly at bigger schools, can be difficult to get into, making it a challenge to complete your degree requirements by the end of senior year. That becomes even more  difficult if youve changed your major a few times, effectively cutting down the amount of time you have to get everything done. And from time to time, people encounter personal challenges or medical situations that delay their ability to graduate. Sometimes being a super senior is part of the plan. There are a variety of schools and programs that offer things like dual degrees, a fifth-year masters degree, or a fellowship that requires extra enrollment beyond four years. Or maybe youll come across a great semester-long internship program that requires you to take a reduced number of credits: Taking the job may mean you graduate later than planned, but youll do so with experiences and a resume that will make you more competitive in the job market. Super seniors are simply another part of a college community. Is It Bad to Be a Super Senior? Taking more than four years to graduate college isnt inherently bad - employers generally care whether or not you got the degree, not how long it took you to earn it. That being said, one of the greatest consequences of taking longer to complete college is the financial burden. Scholarships are sometimes limited to the first four years of study, and there are limits on federal student loans to undergraduates. No matter how you figure out how to pay for it, an extra year or more of tuition payments wont come cheap. On the other hand, doing a fifth-year masters program could actually help you save money. In the end, the most important thing is that you reach whatever goals brought you to college in the first place.

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Analysis report of Bernini's Angel with Crown of Thorns Research Paper

Analysis report of Bernini's Angel with Crown of Thorns - Research Paper Example Through its huge size and magnificent form, it became a grand architectural element together with the rest of the ten Angels of Passion in Ponte Sant’Angelo. A grand sentry looking over the people as they traverse the bridge to and from the Castle. The sculpture depicts an angel represented as a young man with a crown of curly hair. His wings are quite huge and are partially spread out as if about to take flight. He is wearing a somewhat diaphanous material draped over his body exposing a good portion of his shoulders and his right leg. He is holding a crown of thorns and his arms are placed sideways towards the left side of his body at the level of his chest. The angel’s right leg is exposed up to mid thigh and is bent on the knee as if in a walking motion. His left foot, on the hand, is also exposed. His feet are parted slightly apart with an indistinguishable object of swirls in between his feet and beside his left feet. The Ponte Sant’Angelo, also known as the Bridge of Angels, in Rome was decorated with ten marble sculptures of angels, or the Angels of Passion, as proposed by Italian sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini.1 He was commissioned by Pope Clement IX to create two out of the ten angel sculptures and the rest of the angel sculptures are believed to be made by Bernini’s students. The ten marble sculptures are to replace the 14 stucco sculptures of angels set up by Rafaella da Montelupo under Pope Paul III.2 The ten marble sculptures of angels each hold a symbol of the Passion of the Christ. The ten angel sculptures are the â€Å"Angel with the Column† by Antonio Raggi, â€Å"Angel with the Whips† by Lazzaro Morelli, â€Å"Angel with the Crown of Thorns†Ã‚  by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, â€Å"Angel with the Sudarium or Veronica’s Veil† by  Cosimo Fancelli,  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Angel with the Garment and Dice† by Paolo Naldini, â€Å"Angel with